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Pilates is a functional, holistic training method, where physical stability, strength and flexibility are specifically built from the inside to the outside. The main focus is on strengthening the trunk and pelvic muscles in a neutral posture in conjunction with conscious breathing. This activity is directed as to obtain a selective and facilitated movement behavior of the surrounding joints.

Accordingly, the principle of Pilates is to correct imbalances in the body, which results in a more economic movement and reduction of many painful conditions.

Pilates uses the attention that you put in while exercising your body will teach a more conscious awareness of body movement, connecting body and mind. During the practice of Pilates, considerable stress relief occurs because of the focus on mind-body connection and balanced movement. The body and mind forget the outside world for a time.

Pilates is for all ages and for beginners and athletes alike.

The practice of Pilates will result in better posture, with more physical stability and flexibility. The integration of the Pilates principles of mind-body awareness and movement control into everyday life can be achieved through the conscious practice. Thus, physical overloading or improper loading of your body can be prevented, reducing or eliminating many physical complaints.

Contemporary Pilates (after art of motion training in movement®) integrates into the original Pilates method the knowledge of lines of the connective tissue and muscle slings, Fundamentals of Rolfing and Feldenkrais® method as well as items from the Spiral Dynamic®, Gyrokinesis® and visualizations as described by Franklin®.

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