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pilates and hiking

April 12 - 19, 2014

This week offers the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the sun, to relax around the pool, to discover the island from a completely different side, to enjoy time on your own, to chat with others, to experience the Mediterranean cuisine or simply to try something new. A week for body and mind.

What to expect?

At least 2 Pilates classes each day – mornings and evenings – with a view across the gorgeous mountains of Mallorca. We will start with the basics, which gives beginners the chance to get familiar with the practice and should encourage those with more experience to closely examine their own practice. Then the level of difficulty will rise, appropriately for the group.

Between classes there will be time for 1:1 training, to address individual issues.

On 3 days we will have the chance to discover and experience the island on foot with a local guide. The walks will be chosen according to the group.                                                                             

In the culinary department, Martina Singer and Tim Pennell know how to spoil us. Fresh Mediterranean cooking, prepared with much love, awaits us each day. (Individual food requirements can of course be addressed.)

And all this in a breathtaking location, far from the crowds, where you will find the energy  to come up with new ideas, let go, switch off and find new creativity.

I look forward to an eventful week!

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